Rahul Dass

Here's my story:


Hi! I am a second year Ph.D. student studying Computer Science at the University of Miami. My research interests lies in Computer Vision, more specifically in the domains of facial recognition and medical imaging. As part of an interdisciplinary research project "Facial Profiling: Defendant Physical Characteristics, Machine Learning Analytics, and Criminal Justice Disparities in Miami-Dade County", I am currently investigating how an arrestee's skin tone and afrocentric features contributes to bias in facial recognition systems, supervised by Dr. Ubbo Visser. In collaboration with Dr. Nick Petersen, Dr. Marissa Omori and Dr. Tamara Lave, we were recently awarded the U-Link Phase 1 grant.

I am employed as a graduate research assistant for StarExec Miami: a cross-platform logic solving service for the TPTP Problem library, under the supervision of Dr. Geoff Sutcliffe and funded by the NSF Computing Research Infrastructure Grant [link]. StarExec Miami is a fork distribution of StarExec developed in a joint collaboration with the University of Iowa and University of Miami.

In May 2017, I completed my Master's in Computer Science at Indiana State University. My final research project focused on Decision Tree Learning. I developed the ID3 algorithm from scratch using Python and explored how concepts such as Gain Ratio and Random Forests can be used to improve the running time. [report][slides]
Supervisor: Dr. László Egri.

In 2013, I received my Master of Physics (MPhys) degree in Theoreical Physics Honours from Lancaster University. My research was focused on understanding the mathematical formalism of Quantum Field Theory and investigating its application in the context of cosmology. [thesis][poster]
Supervisor: Dr. Anupam Mazumdar

I am thankful to those who said NO to me. It's because of them I did it myself. - Albert Einstein.